Best Bluetooth Headphones 2019 Reviews & Top Rated

Best Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth is the word that has taken up our technological devices especially when it comes to PC and mobiles. We have speakers, data sharing and streaming devices with that Bluetooth technology that lets you share, play sounds without having the need for wires and connecting cables. This has massively affected the way we have used such devices before, in the past.

​Bluetooth headphones have become popular because of their ease of use, wireless connectivity and a boost to the variety of the applications of headphones during various conditions where wires could have hindered otherwise. Like when you are working out, exercising, running, practicing your games and all situations like that. Bluetooth headphones are the perfect fit for any such situation where you cannot afford to manage the wired connection between your phone and the headset.

In addition to that, it is quite apparent that iPhones and Android devices especially the mobiles we use on a daily basis have started to introduce phone models without any need of a jack for headphone cables which means shifting to Bluetooth headphones have become more or less necessary.

Though wired headphones have their own perks, we are going to discuss some of the most important aspects here that determine your choice of the best headphone with Bluetooth technology as per your needs in an easy way:

The materials with which they are made

This is the thing or the aspect which has been overlooked most of the times when selecting the wireless or Bluetooth enabled headphones. But the fact is that you need to be sure that the headset or headphones you are buying should be sturdy enough to resist some bumps and falls. It is important because you should not have to face breakage of your headphone when you accidentally drop it on the ground or maybe some heavy object is put on it.  So make sure to look if the one you are buying are not flimsy and are not easy to break.

Battery life

The life of the battery in a wireless headphone is among the most important things that you should know about. Of course, when you are going to buy the Bluetooth headphone you are going to need to know if the pair has a reliable battery life. It should support a few hours of functioning without compromising the quality of features and sounds for sure.

You may need to compare how quickly it gets charged and how long it plays for you. Shorter lifespan of the headphone battery may interfere with the usage and affects the way you are receiving the sound. So it is important to get a reliable battery that supports your desired number of hours. The life of the battery may range from 1, 2 or sometimes 3-4 hours depending on the usage and needs to get charged for a few hours as well.

The type or design of the headphone

There some common types of headphones and they come in wired as well as Bluetooth enabled functionality for the users.

Bluetooth headphones can be of following types:

  • In-ear Bluetooth headphones
  • On-ear Bluetooth headphones
  • Over the ear Bluetooth headphones
  • Bluetooth earbuds
  • Open and closed back Bluetooth headphones
  • Creative design Bluetooth headphones

These are some of the commonly marketed Bluetooth headphones types which are usually compared to help people pick the right one. It is important to note that when you choose any of these headphones you may have to make sure that the headphones fit your needs the way you have expected.

It all depends on your usage and how you are going to wear them on. If you are wearing them while sitting or relaxing, over the ear or on ear headphones can work for sure. But during exercises, running and practicing something, you may need sturdy, in-ear non-sweaty earbuds or headphones which may not bother you a lot.

Sound quality

Sound quality is surely one of the basic features you must not ignore. It is important to look if the headphones you are looking at offer bassness and clarity of sound and could provide a loud and clear sound for the desired time. The quality of the sound also depends on the connectivity and the reliability of the Bluetooth connection.

So make sure the headphones are active in keeping a good connection with your player, phone or device you are using.

Compatibility and quality of Bluetooth connectivity

It is important to see if you could find the compatible headphones to connect through Bluetooth with the device that you are using. Make sure you look and compare the Bluetooth connectivity is possible with your device without compromising the sound quality.

Special features depending on the nature of the use

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Bluetooth headphones offer some special features in some cases just like the wired headphones offer. You can find noise-canceling headphones, or active noise canceling headphones with Bluetooth connectivity.

There are some options which are selected on the basis of the nature of the use of your headphones. Some Bluetooth headphones are good for gaming with clear loud noise and special effects, some have sporty look and creative design or sportsmen giving a good look, whereas some offer a design to stay on the ear while working out and exercising in a gym.

So, it is possible to find out a perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones which will be serving their purpose without leaving you in trouble.

Summing up what we have discussed here about the best Bluetooth headphones, we can say that they are good enough to use if selected properly. Bluetooth headphones have become far better today as they were before. The connectivity and power of Bluetooth connection have improved now. You just have to compare and focus on things like battery life and usage, quality of sound, overall quality and compatibility with your device and special features as per your needs.

With a focused mind, you can surely make a decision and choose the headphones that will serve you for years to come.

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